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Do you love discovering new music; unique, new videos, movies, documentaries of all kinds; new books not readily found in mainstream commerce? We invite you to join the Music Discovery Network / Creative Centers / Fans and Friends Net and be an important and valuable participant in this new entertainment experience.

Since 1984, the Creative Musicians Coalition (CMC) has helped musicians make success of their dreams by helping expose their works to a greater audience. In 1993, the Music Discovery Network (MDN) further enhanced the services by offering CMC members' works for sale on a world-wide bases. In 2004, the Creative Centers stepped up to offer video and literature to the mix. And in 2013 Fans and Friends Net launches offering a new opportunity for SuperFans to support their favorite artists of all kinds.

Together, we offer you a new and exciting entertainment experience. This Music Discovery Network free membership brings you:

Newsletter, Buyers Guide and VIP Money-Saving Offers
On regular occasions you will receive news about the Music Discovery Network / Creative Centers / Fans and Friends Net, its members and its music, videos and books, right in your email box. You'll get special offers at or below our cost, VIP notices of new releases, opportunity to enter contests, and news about interesting and unique entertainment activities around the world.

Music Discovery Experience Loyalty Rewards
The Music Discovery Experience (MDE) is a Loyalty Rewards Program for customers of the Music
Discovery Network (MDN) that take an active role in supporting our media, artists and the industry.
Valuable Loyalty Points are earned for making purchases through the MDN Store, for completing
activities and participating in events. The points may be used to purchase rewards from the MDN Store. Your MDN Newsletter will bring you special product offers, activities and events that will help you grow your loyalty points so that you can get lots of cool and valuable rewards.

The MDN Fans and Friends Network
You have an opportunity to celebrate the artists you love. Meet and communicate with other music and art lovers of all kinds and industry leaders. For the first time, you take front row, you call the shots. The Fans and Friends Network is yours.

Thank you for supporting independent music and art.

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