enQ ... Enhanced Profile

UK based enQ [pronounced 'eee-en-cue'] was formed as the result of a chance conversation between guitarist Brian Heywood and fiddler Vicky Brown. Vicky remarked how it’d be great to get this kind of music out to a wider audience. The "this music" she was referring to was a dance oriented fusion of funk, folk and rock. Brian said "Let’s do it!" and enQ was born.

The band’s name means, well, nothing at all really. The band wanted a name that was easy to remember but didn’t signify anything. Okay, the band is energetic, and noisy and a Quintet but this just a coincidence. Really!

Vicky Brown - violin & vocals -- An incredibly versatile musician, she has played on many albums - most recently with Lisa Stansfield and the legendary British pop group 'The Animals'.

Sean Devlin - vocals, keys & acoustic guitar -- Sean has developed a unique style which is popular wherever he performs and has toured extensively throughout Ireland, England and Europe.

Brian Heywood - electric & synth guitars, vocals -- Originally from Australia, he has appeared at music festivals all around the UK as well as on various recordings. Brian has worked with members of the Albion Band, EK2, Sin E and the Oyster Band.

Brian Jenking - six string basses & vocals -- Brian was a student of Joe Hubbard, probably the foremost bass guitar teacher in Britain. He has performed with Dragonfly, Double Vision, The Open Road and Naked Angel.

Gary Munnelly - drums and percussion -- Gary has been playing drums and percussion professionally since leaving school. His dynamic style encompasses a wide range of rock, pop and electric roots style.

Tear Down The Barriers
The debut release from the UK based roots/fusion band enQ. Captures the frenetic power of the band's live performances as well as the depths of their Celtic influences.