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Tear Down The Barriers

This is the first release from the UK based roots/fusion band enQ.

This CD captures the frenetic power of the band's live performances as well as showing the depths of their Celtic influences. The tracks range from pyrotechnic instrumentals, romping through up-tempo songs to moody, reflective anthems. The album also features Fairport Convention's Jerry Donahue as special guest on one track.


"My favorite song on this CD? -- that's easy -- all of them! There's not a bad song in the bunch - an exceptional flow from the very beginning to the end. I can't remember the last time I've said that about any album. enQ, they've won my heart!" -Ron Wallace, founder, Music Discovery Network

"The Corrs meet the Doors..." -Harlow Music Festival

"This is a tight band ... They have a great feel to their beat and melodies ... Bottom line ... GO LISTEN, GO LISTEN NOW!" -Clint Gaige, Gods of Music

" ... absolutely brilliant ... " -Alison Duncan (SKY TV)

"enQ are what music is all about" -Big George Webley (BBC Radio)

Eight Song Collage Sample - The Wind Is Howling, A Rabbit Out of The Hat, The Reverend Sharpton, The Open Window, Draw The Line, The Musical Priest, Drunk On The Moon, The Glory Road
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