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Norman The Naughty Caterpillar (Cassette)

Norman is an English mega-star caterpillar. He's a hit over there with the kids, but English lettuce leaves just aren't big and juicy enough for Norman. So he comes over to meet the children of America. He packed his suit case, wriggled onto a crate of cabbages at London airport and traveled first class to the land of opportunity. Watch out, he's here and he's hungry. So, if in the dead of night you hear a suspicious munching sound, check out your cabbage patch ... it might be Norman

30 minutes of stories and songs capturing the imagination of three to nine year olds. Includes a 12-page coloring book with a picture for each song. Meet Norman and his friends: The Hearing Hound, The King of Summer, The Boogie Banana, and more.

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