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A Dream Deferred
David Sansing

Ten unique songs, each with a character, sound, and feel of its own. The title track, "A Dream Deferred," is reminiscent of late sixties British rock. Prefer Reggae? You're bound to like "Get Off My Beach Man!" If you enjoy Gordon Lightfoot or James Taylor, you'll appreciate "David's Ruidoso" or "The Tahiti Song." This CD is different from the rest. Rock 'n' roll, blues, folk rock, reggae it's all there. Thought provoking, moving, and sometimes humorous, David's lyrics create word pictures, this CD delivers with force. Enjoy puzzles? Listen to "Hall of Fame." How many artists, song and album titles can you find? There is no doubt that this CD is a joy to listen and think to.

" A fun original album with stunning variety." -Clark Weber, Long time radio personality

" An outstanding debut! "-Eddie Hubbard, Noted syndicated radio host

Six Song Collage Sample - Get Off My Beach Man, Hall of Fame, Tahiti Song, A Dream Deferred, Four Walls, DNA Mommy
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